£32   Gel Polish (45 mins)                                                               

£34   Gel Polish with Removal (1 hour)

£32   Biab First Application (45 mins) 

£37   Biab First Application with Gel Polish (1 hour) 

£37   Biab Infill without Gel Polish (1 hour)

£43   Biab Infill with Gel Polish (1 hour 15 mins)

£42  Apres Gel Extensions (1 hour 15 mins)

£46  Apres Gel Extension Rebalance (1 hour 30 mins) 

£40  Apres Gel Extension Removal & Gel Polish (1 hour 15 mins)

£20  Apres Gel Extension Removal & Mani (30 mins)

All of our nail treatments begin with a full manicure & are finished with cuticle oil.

GEL POLISH - We use The Gel Bottle for our gel polish manicures. The Gel Bottle gel polishes are high quality products that are cruelty free & vegan.


BIAB - Biab stands for Builder In A Bottle which is a strong soak of gel. Biab is available in a range of stunning nude colours. It can be worn alone or we can apply gel polish on top. It is the perfect product if you would like to grow your natural nails. 

APRES GEL EXTENSIONS - Apres Gel Extensions are  a revolutionary extension system that look natural & feel strong. A full coverage tip is applied to your natural nail & a gel polish is applied on the extension to finish. This is the ideal service if you would like to extend the length of your nails.


Glitter and foils are included in the price of all services. Please add on whichever category of nail art you would like when you are booking an appointment. 

Detailed £5 (10 mins) - french ombre, animal print, neon fade 

Intricate £7 (20 mins) - abstract, marble, opal 

Custom £12 (30 mins) - stars, florals, flames 


Personalised - This category includes a range of nail art where we require more time than Custom nail art. You can either send us a photo of nail art or inspiration you would like us to use. We will let you know the time and cost for your unique nail art.

If you are unsure of which category to book in for please send us a message to our email address & we can discuss the best option for you.


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