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The Nail Gal is a female collective of self employed nail technicians who specialise in detailed nail art, flawless manicures and self care. Our priority is always to protect and maintain healthy nails for each and every client. Each technician is trained to the highest standard to deliver a perfect manicure but also to consult you on how best to maintain healthy nails appropriate to your service and nail type.


At The Nail Gal we use Ink London, The Gel Bottle and Apres Gel Extensions to transform your nails. We have a wide range of Gel Polish colours and over 100 glitters, foils and accessories to make every manicure unique to you.


The Loft, based in Leith, is an inclusive safe space for our clients to relax and enjoy their treatment.


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In 2016, founder Zara changed careers from English Teacher to Nail Technician and created The Nail Gal; a female collective of creative nail technicians.


Zara was obsessed with nail art and wanted to create a confident and fun space for clients with no limits to what they wanted on their nails. In six years her team has grown to seven nail technicians and she is now recognised as one of Scotland’s most successful Nail Art specialists. With a team of like minded women, The Nail Gal has become so much more than a beauty studio. It is a space for community, education and most importantly creativity. Every client that visits The Loft is made to feel like they are part of our community to support and inspire each other.

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